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Affluence Group – Website + Slack Integration

My accountant Craig recently reached out to me needing a website refresh in order to modernise their website and refresh the content and branding. Their original website gave me pretty big Microsoft paint vibes and it was much need of a revamp.
The tricky part of this website design was the existing logo and branding, which was a big non negotiable to change. It has yellow, green, orange, brown, bronze, black and navy, all in the one little space. A lot right?
Trying to nail their brief and keep things light and bright, I decided to pick a few colours and focus on only those.. After a few revisions, some copy improvements and a little back on forth on removing as much brown as possible… We came up with the below!
Aside from the website, I rewrote their ‘Pricing’ page copy and setup an integration using WordPress, Zapier and Slack to create a new portal which would allow them to be in constant contact with their clients.
The lovely Craig and Ben at Affluence Group Sydney and Brisbane were great to work with and are both amazing Accountants, so if you’re in need of somebody I can’t recommend them any higher!

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