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Amber Rules – Website

amber rules website mockup

Deliverables: Website Design and Build

Amber is a psychotherapist and clinical counsellor based in Sydney, specialising in working with people who use substances such as drugs, alcohol and nicotine, use repetitive self-soothing behaviours, such as gambling, shopping, gaming and more, experience disordered eating, body acceptance issues, or have a difficult relationship with food or exercise, have complex mental health needs or have been diagnosed with psychiatric labels such as mood disorders and personality disorders or have experienced trauma or painful life experiences.

Working with Amber on the Rough Patch and Sydney Addictions Recovery websites, I was really excited to work on this website. Obviously I’m biased and love the purple branding from Cara at Studio Together Design also!

I’m really excited about this website and really happy with the final product. You can see the full website here. 

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