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Crescknits Logo + Branding

crescents logo mockup
This month I’ve been doing a design challenge where I try to push myself out of my comfort zone every day and to do things for fun rather than work.
Crescknits is a Sydney based knitting instagram page one of my friends runs, where she creates the most beautifully knitted clothes, scarves, homewares by hand. She makes things I didn’t know humans were even capable of making, and I’m constantly in awe of her skill.
Without an existing logo, I played around with some ideas and came up with the three mockups and branding below which she loved and shared on her page!
It’s been lovely to create some super feminine and fun designs like this, so if you’re looking for a logo or brand to showcase your brand, get in touch with me here. 
If you’re on instagram, please give her a follow @crescknits
knitted clothing

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