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Domenico Pinto – Logo, Website Design + Marketing

Domenico Pinto is a Work Futurist, Organizational Culture Transformation & Remote Work Advocate.

Starting with a brand that didn’t quite match his identity and personality. Dom’s presence is bold, rebellious and stands out. He believes in changing the future of remote work and companies.

He’s also been my business coach since August and I can’t speak highly enough of him. He’s managed to turn my business around and help me deal with ongoing burnout and I wanted to design something that showed just how great he was through.

Working with him to create a new brand presence in order to promote his coaching and event speaking, I designed a new logo, brand look and feel and created a new website to accompany it.

The new website shows his personality, what he does and clearly shows potential clients just how and why he can help.  ⁠You can see his new website here.


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