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The Clients Guide: Filming Quality Content for Social Media

Video content is by far the most engaged with and favourite type of social content by most people these days, which is likely why we’re encouraged you to film some.

If you’re not used to filming it can be a bit daunting to know how and what to do.

Our social media team have put together their top tips on how to make sure what you film is good quality content your users will want to engage with.

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Portrait over landscape:

Make sure you’re filming in portrait rather than landscape, most platforms are portrait focused and landscape limits what we can do with your videos

Stabilise Your Camera:

Consider purchasing a tripod for stability, or placing your phone in a steady place where it won’t shake or be bumped. If you’re filming a scene or movement, try to keep your hands as still as possible for smooth movements! We’ll leave the creative shaky camera movements to the Blair Witch Project.

Clear Audio:

If you’re talking, use an external microphone for clear audio or make sure you’re in a quiet place


A selfie ring or lighting equipment to make sure well-lit and visually appealing is deal. If that’s not possible, we recommend using natural light outdoors or from a window in a brightly lit space and make sure yourface or the subject is clearly visible. If you have to be indoors, use soft, diffused lighting sources to avoid harsh shadows.

Check The Background:

If you’re the subject, ensure where you’re filming is clutter-free and visually appealing with nothing you don’t want your followers to see in the background. A clean, light background is ideal so we can edit over it and use captions if needed.

Set Up Your Shot:

Frame your shot properly by positioning yourself in the centre and leaving some headroom at the top and the bottom. Instagram and Tiktok both crop you slightly and will place buttons and text on the top, right and bottom. So go a little further back than you think and worst case we can always zoom in later on.


Ensure whatever the focus of your video is clear and focused throughout the whole video. You can do this by taping on your phone screen to focus manually if necessary. It never hurts to do a test video, check the focus and then film.

Get creative with angles:

If you’re filming a lot of different content, try new camera angles to add visual interest and make sure your audience doesn’t get too used to one angle. Try low-angle shots, overhead shots, from different positions in your house, office or outdoors and keep each video unique.

Outfit changes:

If you’re the subject and you’re doing a lot of talking, try throwing on a new jacket or shirt so when we post everything it looks like different days

Please don’t zoom in, ever:

Your phone digital zoom will degrade video quality. Instead, physically move closer to the subject if you need a closer shot. Remember we can always zoom in later, but can’t zoom out

Use the Right Settings:

Make sure your camera is set up to film at the highest rate possible. You can usually do this in the phone camera settings. If you’re not sure on this one, let us know what device you’re using to film and we can help out!

Clean Your lens:

We’re guilty of this one, but before you’re filming anything or taking photos, give your lens a wipe to make sure there are no fingerprints or dust on there as it will make the quality blurry

Double Check Everything:

Before finishing filming your video, review your footage before you wrap up to ensure its how you want it to look. Make any necessary adjustments or reshoots as needed.

Hopefully that gives you the confidence to go out and film! We know it can feel a bit awkward to start, but we promisee it gets easier the more you do it.

When you’re ready to send us your footage let us know and we’ll setup a folder for you to share it with us.

Having issues or have questions? You can always reach out to us for help here.

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