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Talent RISE brings together the spirit of the world’s Tech, Digital and Life Sciences sectors to collectively roll up their sleeves and provide life changing employment opportunities to young people who need it most.

Working for the organisation between 2015 – 2017 I was really proud to be able to do so much for RISE. From printed flyers, banners and business cards to redesigning their website and creating a suite of videos, I really enjoyed being part of something that actively helped the local community.

RISE partners with many other local charities in order to run workshops to benefit the local youth in Sydney. I really enjoyed photographing these events over those years and being able to capture so many amazing moments.



Having the opportunity to to produce a large range of videos in collaboration with filmmaker Benny Edwards was one of the most fun things I’ve done in my career. Scripting and scouting locations in Melbourne, talking with the talent and interviewing them throughout the day was one of my highlights of working at Talent RISE.



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