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Verdant Earth – Website + SEO

Verdant Earth Technologies is a renewable energy asset and technology developer. As the world transitions towards net-zero emissions, Verdant Earth is positioned at the centre of two mega trends, net-zero emissions and green hydrogen.
Verdant’s vision is to secure our net-zero, hyrodgen-powered future. Its focus lies in decarbonising our economy through a network of green hydrogen projects, developing our net-zero energy infrastructure, and accelerating the uptake of green hydrogen in Australia and beyond.
I’ve worked with the lovely Maggie at Verdant Earth at another company and as soon as she started with them, her first priority was to update their old outdated website and improve their SEO.
Apart from the design, the site was upgraded with the addition of a knowledge hub, projects section, policies page and link to their CRM the new site.
I’m excited that now the website is done, Verdant Earth have come on as a permanent Web Management and SEO client! They’re doing amazing things to combat climate change through Hydrogen Energy and I’m really excited to work with them.
Have a look at their shiny new website here.

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