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What’s the difference between a website refresh and redesign?

So you’re not 100% happy with your website and want to change it. You’ve probably been told you need a website refresh, redesign or a whole new website altogether.

It can be a bit confusing if you’re not sure what you need. So here’s how I’d explain and differ between the three.


Website Refresh

A refresh will generally keep most of the same structure, copy and brand elements of your existing site, but change either from a design, copy, content or functionality perspective.

It’s kind of like a facelift. The same basic site will be there, but most of the time the design will be updated to look a little more modern or updated. It is far less involved and effort than a redesign or brand new site.

When you may need it:

  • When you’re somewhat happy with your website, but feel like it needs a bit of a visual refresh or update
  • If you’ve got new imagery or copy you want to fit in with your existing websiteand fit seamlessly
  • If you have quite a few little edits and changes you want done in one go


Website Redesign

A website redesign means a new blank slate for your website. You’ll keep the same domain and maybe some of the same branding, copy or imagery, but the backend and overall design structure of your website will usually change.

This is a much bigger job than a refresh, but less than designing from scratch as you’ll likely have at last the structure and copy for your site ready.

When you may need it:

  • If you have a brand new visual brand
  • If you’re changing the website platform you use
  • If the way your current site was built isn’t great, or the function of your site isn’t optimal (think speed, page setupand integrations)


New Website

Just started your company or never had a website before? Then you likely need a brand new website.

Designing a brand new website generally takes a bit longer than a refresh or redesign as you need to collect everything that goes into a website. This means page structure, copy, branding, images.

It’s pretty hard to design a website without all of the above, so it’s important to have it all ready beforehand.

When you may need it:

  • You’ve never had a website before
  • You hate your current website so much you want something absolutely new and nothing like the old one


Hopefully that clears up things a little bit! Web design can often have a lot of jargon involved (which I try hard to avoid!).

If you’re still not sure what you need, or you do and want to book in for your refresh/redesign feel free to get in contact with us here. 


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