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How to speed up your website

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I’m going to say that the most important parts of your website can be split into a 50/50 ratio. No more, no less. The main things you need to focus on with your website, regardless of company size, industry, location or clientele is:

  1. The Design and;
  2. How it works

You may have the worlds most beautifully designed website, but if it doesn’t function or runs slow none of your customers will stick around to see it. That’s just pure fact. The biggest killer of performance and arguably the most important factor is the speed. Your desktop and mobile speed will often be differently scored also, which you can check with Google’s Page Speed Insights tool here.

These stats are very important to monitor and try to improve on. While the tool gives you a lot of ways to fix the page speed, there are a lot of reasons why your website could be running slow. 

However the #1 issue I see on websites again and again is … BIG IMAGES! And that’s a big problem. Lucky for you, it’s easily fixed. 


But I really like big images 😥

Well, now you don’t. Trust me.

While I know you want your website to have crisp, lovely images to show off your brand and services … the truth is that unless you’ve compressed them correctly they can be causing a lot of harm to your website speed and SEO.

Size isn’t everything. There are a lot of ways to keep your beautifully clear and hi-res images, while reducing size and optimising your website speed.


Compressing images is very easy, I promise

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use Tiny PNG just because they have a panda on the website. But it does work very well for reducing image size.

If you dislike pandas there are a big range of online compressors out there! Simply upload the image you want to make smaller, re-download it and upload it to your website. Super simple!


Too much still? Let’s Smush them in WordPress

If you’re on WordPress you can install a handy free plugin called Smush which will bulk smash them all into nice little small files.

Just make sure you do this as you continually upload new images to your site! However, the premium paid plan does this for you automatically.


Already compressed all your website images and still having speed issues? (Firstly, I think I’m in love with you)

Aside from images there can be a number of other things causing the issues. Feel free to send me a message or get in contact to work through it 💁🏼‍♀️

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