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Milk & Honey PR – Website Design + Build

milk and honey pr website

Deliverables: Website Design and Build

Milk & Honey PR is an agency shaped by their values, owned by our team, and bought into by clients with purpose. They were created to cater to the growing calls for change in business.  Their role is simple. They nurture the reputations of good businesses to connect them with the vast audiences searching for purpose-led brands.

Can I start by saying that I adore this website? Their new brand is so fun to work with and the colours (purple obviously) are so vibrant and fun. ⁠It was a really fun project to work on from start to finish.

I’ve worked with Milk & Honey the past 3 years and always really disliked their old website, so I was so excited when they asked me to redesign and build their new site!⁠

They’re an amazing B Corp PR agency doing amazing things, so have a stalk through their website to see the site and learn a bit more about them here.

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